48 Spool Stand

48 Spool Stand


This listing is an order to be made listing.  It will take two weeks to make this product so keep that in mind.  I have to make it as I can between daily orders.  


This is handmade spool rack that holds 48 - 4" cardboard spools and is used in sectional warping.  It is made from Oak wood and the rods are 3/8" zinc coated steel rods. 
The spools that I used when designing this stand are Number 68500000 card board spools from Halcyon Yarns shop.  
This spool rack is 61.5" tall x 20" wide and the feet are 24" deep and has no finish.  You can leave it raw to breath or put a finish of your choice on it.  It ships ready to assemble.
The rods come out completely so that you can easily take out spools as needed.  From the back of the rack you place one end of the rod in the left side socket and the other slides down the slot on the right side.  The other side is the front and from which you will work the yarns.

Spools are not included but can be purchased at most any yarn or weaving shop.  The spools you choose must be able to accommodate a 3/8" rod and no more than a maximum of 16" of spools per rod.

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