7" Sampler Rigid Heddle Loom w/ Engraved swirls

7" Sampler Rigid Heddle Loom w/ Engraved swirls


These are handmade rigid heddle looms.  They are 15" x 9.75" not including ratchets and decorative knobs and is made from solid wood. The maximum size cloth that can be woven is about  7" or 6.5 off the loom. This little loom comes completely assembled and has dbl heddle stands installed. This set includes one loom and all the weaving equipment you see in the pictures as well as some lovely yarn to get you started (yarn and colors vary) . All the tools match the ratchets, pawls and warp beams where they are the same as the ratchets. The knobs on the end of the warp rods will vary and will not always look like the ones shown.
What is included...well let me tell you!
1 - 7" rigid heddle loom (the loom is not warped.
2 - ball/skeins
1 - 5 epi heddle 
1 - 10 epi heddle 
2 - 8 epi heddles 
3 - pickup sticks
3 - small rug shuttles
1 - engraved Lg rug shuttle (Angela Porter illustration)
1 - sm cat warp comb
1 - easy thread weaving needle (wooden as shown)
1 - gepha shuttle
2 - pickup end standard band loom boat shuttles w/ bobbins 
1 - pickup end mini band loom boat shuttle w/ bobbin
1 - gepha style band loom boat shuttle w/ bobbin
2 - metal warp rods

That's it, you get it all! 


You will need to get a tiny crochet hook or small heddle hook to warp your loom or thread by hand.

The warped loom is not included it is just to show you pictures of the prototype warped :) and woven on.

Instructions on how to weave are not included, this information is freely obtained on the internet and many wonderful books are available as well. I am going to recommend "the weaver's Idea Book by Jane Patrick. I just found it and have fallen in love with all the techniques and pick up patterns instructions.

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