Two Treadle Reproduction Loom

Two Treadle Reproduction Loom



This is my interpretation of a 18th century tape loom.  I have made some updates for better ease of use. This lovely 2 Treadle loom is handmade from Maple and Padauk. It measures approximately 24" from the floor to the top of the base (not including castle and warping rods) 
and is 12.75" wide at it's widest area of the top and 26" long. The heddles   have 60 Holes/slots and are made from Hard Maple.
This loom is built so that is can be completely disassembled for flat storage and for shipping. It weighs 30lb when packaged up for shipping and about 23 pounds assembled. 
Your loom comes with very easy assembly instructions and instructions on how the two heddles are to be warped.  A prior customer "Susan" created a new instruction manual on warping her two more ways.  I'd read through them all and decide which you will try.  There are no other instructions or patterns.
Find a table that is 24 inches tall and sit under it to be sure that you will be happy with your loom.  There is no way to raise it so it you are very tall and have super long legs this might not be the loom for you.   You do not actually sit under the loom, only your chins and feet will be under the loom.  This is the reason I've made her wider than the original.

You can see videos of this loom on the What's New page of this site.

The weaving tools are made from 1/4" Maple and inlcude:
Cat warp comb
Small and large gepha shuttle
Large Sword Gepha boat shuttle
Large Rectangle boat shuttle
Stick Shuttle
Band Loom Flat shuttle
WPI measure tool
Hand Forged Sley Hook made by Celtic Swan

I've included with this loom also a standard inkle shuttle (scratch and dent as it is a bit thinner than it should be but it will give you an idea if you like this sort of shuttle.  
The images are of this loom that you are purchasing.  I do not claim to be a master woodworker or finisher so keep in mind this is not "fine" furniture.  If you fret over little things then you will not be happy with this loom or most any of my weaving tools.  
You can see more pictures of one of these looms at

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