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Engrave My name on my weaving tool

Engrave My name on my weaving tool


Now Handywoman will engrave your name onto your shuttle and most handywoman tools, personalizing it so that you will not loose it when you go on weaving retreats. This listing is for engraving only, you must purchase a shuttle or other handywoman tool at the time of this purchase. With this purchase your Handyowman tool  order will have your name (or other) engraved onto your Handywoman Tool where it will best fit. 
Enter the name or other that you want engraved onto your tool.  If you want your logo engrave onto your tool message me for more information. I will send you a proof image with the image (if chosen) sent for your engraving you have chosen for your approval.  Be aware that I will be sending you a proof right away within a day or even a couple hours, so be sure to check your email and approve your engraving so your order can be finished. I will wait for a reply to complete your order.  If you've chosen your name or handle you use and a font I do not need to send a proof, the image in this listing is the proof and what the engraving looks like.


Thank you!!

  • Be sure to make sure the info you have entered is correct.  No refunds are given if you've made a mistake on what you want engraved onto your Handywoman weaving tool.  

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