Part 1 small or Med warp bars

Part 1 small or Med warp bars


****(You will not be building your loom, the listings are so you can choose the woods you would like for your loom only) 

Build a loom is a set of two product listings, the warp bars and then the main body for the small and medium loom, the large loom is on order only.  You will first add the warp bars part 1 you'd like  from this listing then you will go to the next listing and add the main body part 2 that you want to your cart.

The medium loom measures approx. 8" x 10.70.  The weaving area is 7.75 x 7 3/8.
and the small loom measures approx. 6" x 8.70.  The weaving area is 5.75 x 5 3/8.

There are a few tool choices for Tapestry looms, you can find some listings for them on the same page as this lisitng. 

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