Tapestry Hand Loom / Large or Medium /Bamboo

Tapestry Hand Loom / Large or Medium /Bamboo

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These are handmade tapestry looms that can be used to make lovely wall hangings or to sample new yarns.  This listing is for a Tapestry loom that is complete and ready to ship.  It is made using bamboo and is 8epi.  Bamboo is super strong but has more give than other woods which makes getting the project off the loom easier.  These will have a looser tention so keep that in mind when purchasing the bamboo tapestry loom.  Bamboo is substainable mater that has a beautiful pattern when tooled.  It is a light wood and much more flexable than other woods.  Choose Large or Medium loom that is available.

The warp bars have been cut with the grain so the ends will never snap off with normal use.   The teeth are sanded in between each by hand then with a hand sander they are sanded 5 times as you see in the video.  These teeth are sturdy enough to take it.  :) 


The loom  is oiled and waxed to a satin finish.
The ends per inch 8  the loom large loom measures approx. 12" x 14.75.  The weaving area is 11.25 x 11.75.  The medium loom measures 8" x 10.70. The weaving area is 7.75 x 7 3/8.

You can find many tapestry shuttles and tool in other listings.  This listing is for a Loom only, no tools come with this purchase.

These are handmade and imperfections are part of their charm. No returns or exchanges for manufacturing faults such as not being completely square, or teeth bending because of removing your project incorrectly.  I suggest taking a class on how to weave on your new loom or watching videos before you begin.  If 8epi looms warped too tightly or if you remove your warp with a tool instead of cutting off the loom  you might experience some teeth bending or cracking so I suggest you do not remove your project this way. This can often be repaired or worked around, contact me if you have damaged your loom and need a repair.
The best way to learn to weave on these little looms is by taking a class from Rebecca Mezoff. She teaches Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms. Here is a link to one of her popular classes:https://rebeccamezoff.com/weaving-tapestry-on-little-loomsYou can find so much more on her online learning page, with her classes you'll be weaving like a pro in no time!


Here is a video on how to single warp: https://vimeo.com/171166451
and some info on different ways to warp to adjust the epi https://rebeccamezoff.com/blog/2018/3/28/sett-looms-and-tools