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Medium Tapestry Loom w/o Tools


These will take 1 week to finish, they are cut out and ready to complete.
This is a handmade tapestry loom that can be used to make lovely wall hangings or to sample new yarns.  I will list more wood options as I have them available.  The warp bars have been cut with the grain so the ends will never snap off with normal use.  The teeth are sanded in between each by hand then with a hand sander they are sanded 5 times as you see in the video. These teeth are sturdy enough to take it. :)

When choosing a loom, the first wood listed is the warp bars and the second wood listed is the middle support. 

The loom has been shellacked and waxed to the shine you see in the pictures.
The ends per inch available are 6 ends per inch  and 8 ends per inch and the loom measures 8" x 10.70.  The weaving area is 8 x 7 3/8.

With this purchase you get:

The handmade loom only and the tools pictured are not included.  If you want tools with this loom there is a listing on the "looms" tab" for you to add them to your purchase. The wait time will be a bit longer to make the tools.

The best way to learn to weave on these little looms is by taking a class from Rebecca Mezoff. She teaches Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms. Here is a link to one of her popular classes:https://rebeccamezoff.com/weaving-tapestry-on-little-loomsYou can find so much more on her online learning page, with her classes you'll be weaving like a pro in no time!


Here is a video on how to single warp: https://vimeo.com/171166451
and some info on different ways to warp to adjust the epi https://rebeccamezoff.com/blog/2018/3/28/sett-looms-and-tools

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