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Wrist Watercolor Palette box with band

Wrist Watercolor Palette box with band


I'm selling the prototypes as I make changes.  This is to recoup the cost as they are fairly pricy to make.  They work and are fine for use, just not as perfect as I'd like them to be.  I'll post the prototypes as I figure out how these will be made.  I hope to soon have it all worked out.  There is a picture of each box.
These handy wrist versions of the  wooden watercolor palette are small enough to carry wherever you may go.  they are approximately  3.5x3.75x1" when closed and opens to approximately 7.75x3.5 x .5".  The  6 paint wells and 1 mixing area make this a great little palette for on the go.  The wells and mixing areas are covered with resin and the box is oiled to repel water.  The wrist version comes with a wrist band . These palettes are adorned with different engravings on the outside and are made from solid  wood that is held closed with 2 strong magnets.  Fill with your favorite water color paint and leave open to dry the paints for a couple days and you are ready to go on any adventure.   This is the prototype and is priced lower than they will be when I'm stocked up with the final versions. 

Handywoman shop will be closed till the end of April so she can get some work done on her home.  All orders that are already in will be made before I stop working so rest assured you will get your order :) 

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