Yarn Susan  / Yarn Spinner

Yarn Susan / Yarn Spinner


Handmade from Hardmaple
The yarn susan has a full size ball bearing used and is large enough for even the largest balls of yarn. The ball bearing allows the top of the lazy susan spin freely as you knit or crochet or whatever puropose you have to unwind yarn easily. The lazy susan is of a good weight at approx. 1 pound or more.

To use you will needto wind your skeins of yarn into a ball and then place the ball onto the wooden spindle.   As you knit or crochet, or warp your loom you will pull yarn from the outside of the yarn ball. The yarn  will spin easily as you work. 

Your new Yarn Susan is handcrafted, sanded, and finished with a high grade oil and waxed.  Your yarn susan finish does allow for the wood to breath freely for years of use.

The dimensions are approximately 5.5 inches by 10.5 inches.
Spindle height is approximately 8.5 not including base.