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There will be a deposit taken before I start your request.  I will contact you before I begin your request.
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Why a waiting list?

I've had many people request to be placed on waiting lists for some of the items in my shop.  Because I am super busy with daily orders there are a few products that don't get made very often.  I can not keep track of lists in my head and if left to me to write down, well that is another rabbit hole.  So this is the reason for the waiting list.
First it gives me an idea of which products people are interested in and how many I might need to get made.  Now this doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing my daily work to get these items made.  It just means that now there is a list and the next person in line will get that item when made if they still want it, if not I'll move on to the next person in the list.

Some items will not use 2 different wood choices like the reproduction box loom and bench.  I will contact you when I'm ready to start your item and let you know of any choices at that time. 
When I close shop to restock is when I generally get to these products.  So if you are not in a hurry but would like to be on the waiting list then go ahead and sign up and I'll get with you as soon as I can. 
 I  require a non refundable deposit to start your item.  I will contact you with an invoice before I begin.  
Thank you,


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