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I am sorry to say prices have went up yes, this is because the cost of everything has skyrocketed in price, shipping, metal, wood, shipping materials, everything I use has doubled or tripled in price in the last year to year and a half.  I can no longer take this loss.  I thought it would not last so long but it has.  If and when the prices come back down I'll adjust my prices again at that time. 

You can find me on Instagram #handywomanshop and you can find what I'm up to on my blog at https://www.handywomanshop.blogspot.com

As Handywoman I have been making and selling low cost weaving tools since 1998. In 2007 I found Etsy and opened an Etsy shop to reach more weavers.  Since then my little weaving shop has taken off and I'm outgrowing Etsy.  I'm not ready to completely leave Etsy but I do need to begin the process.  This is why I have a new site.  You will find more Handywoman tools here but I will still be on Etsy for now too.  


Order processing time varies by item ordered.  All Handywoman tools are made on order so time is required to make your new Handywoman tool which is generally 4-5 days.  Shipping time varies by location and service provided. I do not take orders without a purchase.  Orders are made in the order of the PayPal receipt date and time.  


All shuttle orders processing time for shuttle orders is taking 1 week to 10 days lately due to an influx in orders.

My mission is and always has been to offer low prices to help promote weaving, giving more people the opportunity to have some of the necessary tools needed without breaking the bank.


All my weaving tools are handmade by me using a variety of woods so you have a choice in the wood and prices you want.  I source wood from companies that collect sustainable and wood from downed trees as well as recycled woods.  Inflation and the cost of supplies has caused me to have to raise prices a bit to cover costs but I am still trying to offer you the lowest prices possible.

I am Handywoman and I now have one helper.  Her name is Summer Margos, and we are super busy with my little weaving business so that I can continue to offer you prices that you can afford.  Every day is a hustle and bustle to get you your order as fast as we can.  I get out in my shop every day and start making the tools you've ordered with the help of Summer.  If you have a deadline just let me know and I can tell you if I can manage to complete your request in the time you require. 


Please understand, all my products are handmade by me, they are not manufactured by some machine that makes them exactly the same and perfect every time.  I do not throw away wood because it's not perfect.  I work around imperfections and I make sure the tool works as designed.  If you are thinking you will be getting an exquisite 80 dollar shuttle for 30 dollars you are mistaken.  I am not trying to make expensive tools, I am trying to offer you perfectly good tools for a price you can afford.  :)  That is my mission for goodness sakes.  

Thank you for stopping by my Handywoman Shop page.  


Janet Fox
Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do!


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