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Choosing the right wood for 
your handywoman shuttle.

What wood should you choose?

The only wood database I'm aware of is here:  You can find around 600 different species on this sight.
The Janka Density or specific gravity of wood gives you an indication of weight.  The higher the Janka value the heavier the wood will be.  Choosing a wood with a high janka value will give you a heavier tool and choosing a wood with a lower Janka value will give you a lighter tool.  The Janka value will determine the final weight of your tool. 
If you want a large floor shuttle to be lighter then choose wood with a lower janka level.  If you are wanting your tiny inkle shuttle to be as heavy as possible choose a wood with a higher janka value. 

Because all weaving tools are made on order I have no way of telling you the weights of shuttles.  This graph below will help you make the right choice depending on your preferences.  If you like a lighter shuttle then you want a lower Janka value.

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