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Angel Wings / Lease stick brackets

Angel Wings / Lease stick brackets

PriceFrom $11.99

Made from solid 1/4" cherry or maple and come in pairs.
Each standard is 4 7/8" wide x 2 1/2" tall, with two rectangular cut outs for your lease sticks that are 1 1/2" x a little over 1/2" that are spaced 1/2" apart.  The double hole is slightly taller but has the same size holes to hold lease sticks.  The mini is 3" wide x 1 1/2" tall and the holes for the lease sticks are 7/8 x 3.8" .  There are several holes for lashing to the loom.

The double set of holes will hold 4 lease sticks instead of just two.

Handywoman shop will be closed till the end of April so she can get some work done on her home.  All orders that are already in will be made before I stop working so rest assured you will get your order :) 

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