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Band Loom / Tape loom / Inkle Loom / Boat shuttle

Band Loom / Tape loom / Inkle Loom / Boat shuttle

PriceFrom $13.99

These are my thinnest boat shuttles and are a mere 1/4" thick. These boat shuttles use smoothie straws for bobbins and I'll send you two bobbins (one staw) so you know which straws to get. These are perfect for backstrap and inkle weaving and I LOVE them. 
I have been having tons of fun using them on my little two heddle treadle loom and can say you will love them too. 

This is the best video on how to hand wind a paper quill or spool and was shared with me so I share it with you!

These are handmade for the use with band looms of any sort. You could even use them on lap looms with a shed stick. These shuttle use 1/2 of a smoothie straw. This shuttle is perfect size to get under the short warp of a Inkle loom. One side has a thread slot and both sides sanded to create an edge that can be used for beating the weft.

Choose from standard rectangle shuttle which has more beating area and great if you are doing plain weave or heddle pickups. or choose the rounded pick up end to aid in picking up warp threads. The pickup end type also comes in a mini size. They all have edges that have been sanded to a point for beating your weft into place. 

Rectangle shuttle is 6 11/16" long x 2.25 wide and take a smoothy straw cut to 4.5"
The standard rounded Pickup shuttle is 7" long x 1.75 wide and take a smoothy straw cut to 4.5"
The Mini rounded Pickup shuttle is 5 7/8" long x 1 17/16" wide and take a smoothy straw cut to 3.75"

These shuttles are hand made often from scrap or reclaimed wood left over from other projects while others are made from purchased exotic woods from around the world; Wood is never thrown away because of defects, I always work around them and these defects give a quirky and charming appearance when there but does not affect it's performance.

This is a listing for the shuttle and I'm including 1 smoothie straw cut in half.

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