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SisterMaide Bobbin Winders

SisterMaide Bobbin Winders

PriceFrom $18.97

I'm excited to partner with Sistermaide on Etsy for my new bobbin winders.  She has been making bobbin winders for the hand drill for many years and does a superb job.  Much better than the ones I was making.  Thank goodness I found her and she was willing to make winders for my handywoman bobbins!  I think you will be very pleased with these for sure.  You can get Handywoman bobbin winders here or directly from Sistermaide on here or on her Etsy shop here: Sistermaide  .

There are two styles of bobbin winders that Sistermaide makes for my handywoman shuttle.
The Standard bobbin winder that works with the following shuttle bobbins
16" dbl bobbin dbl rod Floor Loom Shuttle
15" dbl bobbin single rod Floor Loom shuttle
12" Floor Loom Shuttle
9" Floor Loom Shuttle

12" Rigid Long Shuttle

7.5" Rigid Short
Pencil Shuttle

Handywoman Paper Quills

And the Slim Bobbin winder that works with:
12"Rigid Dbl bobbin single rod Shuttle

Super Slim
Super slim Super Short
Super slim Super Long
12.25" Slim Swedish
10" Slim Swedish

Dbl Pencil dbl rod Shuttle
All Tapestry Shuttles
Inkle Standard

Inkle Mini (NOT THE TINY)
All Passementerie/Gimp braid shuttles
Glass bobbins should not be wound with a bobbin winder attachement.  Only use double ended bobbin winders for these.  All Handywoman shuttles can be wound with a double ended bobbin winder.
I do not make bobbin winders for other vendors bobbins and do not know if my winder works with them or not.  


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