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Handywoman Paper Quills

Handywoman Paper Quills

PriceFrom $1.00

Handywoman Paper Quills

The 6" paper Quills will work with the following Shuttles (these can be cut to size)
*Super Slim shuttle
*Super Slim Super Long shuttle
*Pencil Shuttle
*Standard Pattern Boat shuttle
*Tapestry shuttle
*Inkle shuttle
*Mini inkle shuttle
*Rigid Long shuttle
*Rigid Short shuttle
*Rigid dbl bobbin shuttle
*Standard Short shuttle
*Standard Long shuttle
*Standard 15" dbl bobbin shuttle
*Swiss Standard shuttle

The 8" Paper Quill will work for the following shuttles (These can be cut to size)
Band loom Boat shuttles (all styles)
My Everything Boat Shuttle
Pattern Boat Stick shuttle
These will also work with all Standard floor loom shuttles if you prefer a thicker quill.

**Drill attachment Bobbin winder #1 works for all the bobbins mentioned above as well as the handywoman 6" paper quills (this does not fit the 8" paper quills)

**Drill attachment Bobbin winder #2 works for the #2 pencil shuttle bobbin and standard paper quills (I do not carry standard paper quills.

Paper quills: I now have paper quills made especially for handywoman shuttles so I can sell as many as you need. 

The paper quills I now have fit all my shuttles.  If you are ordering the super slim shuttles and inkle standard and mini shuttles only paper quills or glass bobbins will fit these shuttle . Paper quills come in 6" lengths and can be cut to the size you require.  The specs for these paper quills: (.280" ID X 6" LONG X .012" THICK)  These paper quills can be used with the same bobbin winder you use for your schacht plastic bobbins. 

I also now have 8" paper quills with a larger hole for shuttles with a larger rod or for my standard floor shuttles.  These quills were made for my "My Everything Boat Stick" and band loom 1/4" thick shuttles.  The specs for these paper quills:  (.4375" ID X 8" LONG X .031" THICK)

Paper Quills are actual length  indicated and can be cut to size if required.

This is the best video on how to hand wind a paper quill or spool and was shared with me so I share it with you!

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