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Handywoman Box Tape / Band Loom Build kit w/ one heddle

Handywoman Box Tape / Band Loom Build kit w/ one heddle


For pictures of the different box looms you can see some here: and here:

This requires some wood working skills and is not for someone who has never attempted any type of assembly or working with wood. Please do not purchase this kit if you do not have someone you know that can complete it or if you don't feel confident yourself in completing this.

This listing is for a box loom that needs sanding, any imperfections filled and sanded smooth, repairing any missing black on the edges with a sharpy then glue assembly and a finish put on. You are getting a special price because it will come to you as a project to complete yourself. You will get all the parts required and a couple shuttles. Minimal instructions come with this loom but are all that is required. All you need to do is look at the pictures of one together and because the parts have tabs they all fit together very easily. You will sand and prepare the surface for a finish of your choice and you will put the finish on your loom and let it completely dry before assembling your new loom. When gluing up your loom be sure that you install the warp and take up rods and also make sure to have the heddle in place (no glue near or on it) so that your loom drys square.  Do not over tighten clamps and be sure your heddle moves freely after clamping. Once you have glued and clamped your loom together and checked to see that your heddle still moves freely up and down, give everything 24 hours to dry before removing the clamps.

Your lovely Box Tape Loom is made from solid cherry wood and is adorned on all 4 sides as well as the heddle with the design of your choice or no engraving at all if that is what you desire. There is no plywood used in this loom it is completely constructed with solid cherry wood, even the warp and take up dowels are solid wood. The heddle is removable so that you can change out for a different dpi.  Your new loom measures approximately 13.5" long x 10" tall x 6.25" wide when assembled.

You can find other assessories for your new box loom including many more heddles patterns, and loom bags in my shop.

What you need: 

To assemble and finish your new loom you will need the following:

Wood Glue

Wood filler

Sharpy marker (for any black areas missing on the edges)

fine sand paper or steel wool

your choice of finish

and about 4 bar clamps or any method you choose to hold your loom together while it is drying.

No nails are required.

What is included in this kit:

1-8epi Heddle

1 sami sword shuttle

1 Take up dowel

1 warp dowel

2 loom sides

1 loom back

1 loom bottom

2 ratchets

2 wood washers (other end of dowel covers)

2 pawls w/ covers and dowels

Warping and assembly instructions and a few patterns to get you started.


A bit of History and technique info about box looms here:

Books I recommend are:

Norwegian Pick-Up Bandweaving by Heather TorgenrudThe Durham weaver (Susan J Foulkes) to me is the best source of information. I'm still learning and I always go to her blog to figure things out. the link is here: recommend all of her books, they are rather cheap if you purchase them digitally

Susan Faulker Weaver has a great book
The Durham Weaver is a great source for band weaving. This video demonstrates the double hole heddle.

Tape looms have been popular for centuries, before snaps, and zippers were made, people made tapes as an inexpensive way to close shoes, clothing or anything that needed a closure. These looms were small and portable and were used to weave these tapes Even children learned to weave on tape and paddle looms because they were simple to operate and an great introduction to weaving.Today weavers all over the world still use tape looms.

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