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Standard floor loom Tahkli Spindle Boat Shuttle

Standard floor loom Tahkli Spindle Boat Shuttle

PriceFrom $39.99

This is a Tahkli spindle shuttle (see the spindle in images, this is the only tahkli spindle that will work in this shuttle). It is made to hold the tahkli spindles only (Stainless Steel Shaft Length: 18 cm (~7.1 in.)). It comes with a bobbin rod so that you can use the shuttle with regular plastic 4.5" handywoman or Schacht bobbins. It does not include the spindle or bobbin.
These are approximately 12" long and 1.5" tall and 1.5" wide with a closed bottom (the image of the open bottom shuttle is the rigid loom version). The shuttle pictured is Olivewood Charkha shuttle, I'll have an image of the floor loom version of the tahkli shuttle soon.  
These are made on purchase and ship in about 5 days.

Handywoman shop will be closed till the end of April so she can get some work done on her home.  All orders that are already in will be made before I stop working so rest assured you will get your order :) 

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