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Dbl Bobbin Super Slim Rigid Heddle Loom Boat Shuttle

Dbl Bobbin Super Slim Rigid Heddle Loom Boat Shuttle

PriceFrom $28.99

This is a handmade double bobbin boat yarn shuttle with a standard edge is made for rigid heddle loom weaving and with the beater edge can be used for larger pin looms and lap looms.  
This is the best video on how to hand wind a paper quill or spool and was shared with me so I share it with you!

This shuttle is approximately 12" long x 1 1/2 wide x 1/2 inch thick at it's thickest point  and and uses  paper quills no more than 4.25 inches in length (paper quills can be cut to size).   This shuttle is perfect size to get under the short warp of a rigid heddle loom or at the end of the warp for floor looms.
You can choose the shuttle with  the long sides of the shuttle with standard edges for rigid heddle looms or with one edge sanded to a thin point to assist in beating the weft into the warp for lap and pin looms.  If you see that I'm showing having a beater edge but showing out of standard edge or visa versa contact me instead of ordering and I'll adjust the listing for you. 

The reason it is more expensive for a beater edge is because I need to use a new sanding belt and all this sanding wears the belt out.  So the extra charge is essentially for the sanding belt.  Sanding the beater edge will remove some length on this shuttle. 

The shuttle is hand made from solid wood that is 1/2" thick; I offer a variety other woods as they are available.  Each shuttle will look different for this reason.   Wood is never thrown away because of defects, I always work around them and these defects give a quirky and charming appearance when there but doesn't affect it's performance.

This is a listing for the shuttle and 1 quill  you can purchase a pack of 10 quills in 

  • Handywoman tools are handmade and no two items will be exactly a like because of this. I take care to spend as much time on your new tool as possible while offering you the best possible price.  Because your tool is not commercially made and because my mission to offer low cost weaving tools your tool will not look like mass produced weaving tools so please keep that in mind.

    To care for a Handywoman shuttle:  The stainless steel bar can be cleaned with fine wool (even a rinsed out SOS pad that is completely dry)  You can wax your shuttle as often as you like but the lanolin from your hands will keep it waxed up if you use your shuttles often.  Because wood and metal are a difficult thing to glue together sometimes a magnet may fall out of your shuttle.  Simple put a drop of superglue in the magnet pocket and drop the magnet back into place and let dry.  If at anytime your shuttle breaks.  You are welcome to send it to me for repair.  Contact me first so I can decide if it’s fixable or not.    I do not charge to repair my shuttles, you only have to pay the actual postage each way.

    If you are purchasing a weaving tool in Purpleheart, know that when this wood is tooled it loses some color, but rest assured over time it will become purple again.   Also know that burls and spalted woods are not as strong as other woods and care needs to be taken  in storing them when these woods are used,  rough handling just isn’t possible.  They are more about having a beautiful tool and will need more care.

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