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Handywoman Box Loom Heddles

Handywoman Box Loom Heddles

PriceFrom $35.99

These are additional heddles that are available for the Handywoman Box Tape Loom are made from solid Cherry wood.

You can choose from standard heddles, dbl hole heddles and pattern slot heddles.  You can choose engraved with finish, engraved without finish and just unfinished and not engraved styles of heddles.

Unfinished heddles require sanding/filling any irregular knots etc and a sealer of your choosing.  An unfinished heddle is just that unfinished. :)   

If you would like a heddle that matches the theme of your box loom, message me.  The turn around time for this option will vary depending on if I have the wood available in stock.  There is a $5 etching fee to laser etch a design onto your heddle in place of my logo. 

Tape looms have been popular for centuries, before snaps, and zippers were made, people made tapes as an inexpensive way to close shoes, clothing or anything that needed a closure.  
These looms were small and portable and were used to weave these tapes Even children learned to weave on tape and paddle looms because they were simple to operate and an great introduction to weaving.
Today weavers all over the world still use tape looms.

The Durham Weaver is a great source for band weaving.  This video demonstrates the double hole heddle.

Handywoman shop will be closed till the end of April so she can get some work done on her home.  All orders that are already in will be made before I stop working so rest assured you will get your order :) 

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