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Handywoman Glass Bobbins

Handywoman Glass Bobbins


Handywoman now has handmade glass bobbins, yes that is correct, glass bobbins with flanges for her 1/2" thick boat shuttles that have a metal rod(these are not for the 1/4" thick band loom shuttles)
I hand wind my glass bobbins mostly because it's really quick to do so anyway but I was informed the Spolmaskin Swedish slim bobbin winders works with my glass bobbins. I found them for sale here:

These bobbins were specifically made for the following shuttles.

5" Mini Inkle Boat Standard Inkle Pencil End of Warp (coming soon)Pattern Boat (this is not the 1/4" thick version) (coming soon)Super Slim Rigid Heddle Shuttle (coming soon)Super Slim Super Long Rigid Heddle Shuttle (coming soon)
Will they break, well yes that can break but not easily, they are made from 100% 33 COE Borosilicate glass, it is the same as Pyrex glass that you will often find people mention, but Pyrex a name brand not a glass brand. Since paper quills are generally what I've been selling for my slim boat shuttles these are a great upgrade. Paper quills wear out and do not have flanges, these will not and they have been made with a small flange.

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