Handywoman's Fabfiber 10" Rigid Heddle Loom

Handywoman's Fabfiber 10" Rigid Heddle Loom


These little looms with have a variety of engravings.  this listing is for the Amazing Grace engraving and has blue heddles and Made from solid Cherry with cherry rods. This little instructables loom measures18.5x11.5x6" I cut it out at 80% for a 10" weaving width.  You get 3 heddles with this loom, one each of a 10epi, 8epi and a 6epi.  The loom has a poly finish and is completely assembled and ready to warp and get started weaving.  This loom does not include instructions, you can find tons of informatoin on different ways to warp a rigid heddle loom and I suggest the direct warp method. Not shown in the pictures are the metal warp rods that are included and the attachment bands that you see on the loom with pink heddles. 
One band loom boat shuttle and one rug shuttle comes with this loom.  You can find more boat shuttles that will work with this loom in the inkle shuttle section of this site. 

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