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Heirloom Sewing Compendium

Heirloom Sewing Compendium


The Sewing Compendium Contains…. Thimble,
 Double reel for Cotton and Needle storage, Prussian Blue container and Decorated Floral Collar.
 The needles are stored down the side of the bobbin via two small holes.
 Height 2.3/4 inches (70 mm)

In the second half of the 18th century it became fashionable to meet and sew with friends.,creating a need for a combined set of easy to carry sewing tools. Thus a different type of sewing set began to appear. From this time and well into the early 20th century, small sewing sets in all shapes and sizes were produced in a broad range of materials.One of the earliest sewing sets was the "tower type" otherwise known as a " compendium". These combined sewing sets would have been ideal to put into a chatelaine bag to take along when visiting friends.


" There was nothing a Victorian Lady enjoyed more than attending her sewing circle regardless of whether it was held in elegant surroundings or in a Village Hall.The attraction was not just to sew or exchange sewing patterns or learn new sewing techniques and of course to exchange tales of assignations and romance. This was also a time to show recently purchased items such as Pincushions ,Needle Cases Thimble Cages and Chatelaines of every description. "

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