Mayan Backstrap Loom  24" advanced set

Mayan Backstrap Loom 24" advanced set


1 Large traditional 8ounce batton made from blood wood 1/2" thick x 24"

1 - .25x1.5x24"shed sword/ pickup stick 

3- 24" loom bars Hard maple

1 - 24" shed bar Hard maple

4 - 24" heddle sticks/lease sticks Hard maple

1 - carved Knife edge pickup tool made from Afromosia

2 - warp pegs

3 weaving needles different sizes, one hard maple, one zebrawood and one purpleheart

1 band lock  Padauk
1 backstrap belt

1 canvas drawsting bag large enough to tuck everything inside.

2- cotton loom bar ropes

cotton lashing on and heddle strings

This is an advanced backstrap set.  The max cloth width that can be woven with this set is about 20-22".  This set does not include instructions as it is an advanced set and there are tons of resources on the web.  

You can find lot's of information on this type of weaving at  They have many free resources to help you get started in backstrap weaving.