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My Everything Stick

My Everything Stick


It's a pickup stick, a shuttle and a warp comb all in one and you can now choose to have a pattern edge on the rug versions. 
The My Everything stick is approx 14.75" long x 1.85 (at middle) x .25" thick.  
If you are looking for a My everything stick for tapestry and lap looms you'll find those in the inkle shuttles and looms categories.

There are three versions to choose from; 
The standard boat version, (the boat version does not have an option for a pattern edge)
The Rug version with a pattern edge
The Standard Rug version. (no pattern edge)

The boat versions come with a paper quill and you can order the 8" paper quills in my shop or you can use smoothie straws. 

If you prefer a rug type shuttle the rug versions comes as a standard without the pattern edge and a rug version with a pattern edge.

The large version of this tool is no longer available, I didn't feel it was a tool worth having.  It was too long to use the comb on the end.  This size is a better tool. 

and if you are wondering about the too stinking cute tiny My Everything necklaces... you can find them in another listing in my shop. :)

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