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My Quilters Bee Bag Downloadable

My Quilters Bee Bag Downloadable


This is the digital version, if you would prefer a printed copy you can find the book in another listing.
The Quilters Bee bag is big enough to store all your sewing needs that you would want to take to bee with you, or a quilting class you are taking. 

Closed the bag is 16 x 7 inches and has 8 pockets. 6 large zippered pockets, a lining pocket and a thread spool pocket.  The thread spool pocket allows you to place spools of thread into the pocket then thread a needle and draw the thread through the enforced pocket strip, this allows you to be able to pull a length of thread without removing the spool.  There are also 5 fobs on the other side that you can attach anything that has a hole 1/2 inch in diameter, such as your small scissors, embroidery and wool spools and open ended thimbles.

This pattern is 62 pages long and has pictures for each step.  I suggest printing on both sides of the paper to conserve paper or instead of printing the  pattern file look at it on your pc/lap top or even better your pad if it has enough ram.   If you prefer to have a printed version but do not want to waste printer ink printing it, choose the book version Located in another listing.

Supply List:

3 or 4 coordinating yards of fabric you will not use all of this.
1 yard of lining fabric such as muslin for lining the pockets
1 yard of interfacing stabilizer
1 yard of batting for front and lining of bag
6 - 18 inch zippers
2-14 inch zippers for thread pocket and side pocket
1 - 36 or larger double zipper
8.5 x 12 plastic vinyl for thread pocket
1x12 inch piece of coordinating felt for thread pocket
24 inches of 3/4" welting rope
5 buttons (size depends on the loops you make)
2 zipper fobs for top zipper (as seen in picture, you can make your own)
Matching DMC floss to embroider the sweet words under the handles and an embroidered patch with your name for the front of your back
You Will Also Need:
The last page of either document (the pattern page)

Zipper foot, regular or 1/4 inch foot and a Teflon foot hand sewing needle, embroidery needle

The picture above with all the quilting tools is all that I was able to get into this bag.  
All of this fits in this bag
 This was just a random bunch of junk that I loaded this bag with,  two rulers, a cutting mat, several scissors and rotary cutter, my gloves, all my Janome attachment, pack of frixion pens and a pack of permanent pens, add a quarter, add and eighth, small ruler, a few surgical scissors, bobbins, over 100 sewing machine needles. Two rolls of wool 13 spools of thread, small embroidery scissors, thimble and a bunch of other junk. :) I can get absolutely everything I need to take with me to Bee except my sewing machine. :)

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