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Sami Heddle w/shuttle Jewelry

Sami Heddle w/shuttle Jewelry


Now comes with the tiny sami sword shuttle!!!! 
These tiny little sami heddles are 2.75x3" x 1/4" thick the shuttle is 1/8" thick. The heddles are made from solid cherry. You can wear them as jewelry or have one as a key chain but the super cute thing is you can actually weave with it! It is a working tiny sami heddle and it's as cute as can be!
I found a blog post here: that made me smile, what lovely band she is making with one of my tiny heddles. This sort of thing just makes my heart sing.
Choose one of the options I'm currently offering for these little cuties.

Option 1 - 36" Black Lanyard
Option 2 - 16" Brown Leatherette Cord Necklace
Option 3 - 16" Black Leatherette Cord necklace (not shown)
Option 4 - 24" Stainless steel metal ball chain
Option 5 - 18" small metal ball chain
Option 6 - Brass colored key chain with lobster clasp

The 36" ball chains can be easily cut down to a shorter size if you prefer.

Thank you for looking!!

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