Sami Heddle w/shuttle Jewelry

Sami Heddle w/shuttle Jewelry


Now comes with the tiny sami sword shuttle!!!! 
These tiny little sami heddles are 2.75x3" x 1/4" thick the shuttle is 1/8" thick. The heddles are made from solid cherry. You can wear them as jewelry or have one as a key chain but the super cute thing is you can actually weave with it! It is a working tiny sami heddle and it's as cute as can be!
Choose one of the options I'm currently offering for these little cuties.

Option 1 - 36" Black Lanyard
Option 2 - 16" Brown Leatherette Cord Necklace
Option 3 - 16" Black Leatherette Cord necklace (not shown)
Option 4 - 24" Stainless steel metal ball chain
Option 5 - 18" small metal ball chain
Option 6 - Brass colored key chain with lobster clasp

The 36" ball chains can be easily cut down to a shorter size if you prefer.

Thank you for looking!!