Set of 6  Nalbinding Needles

Set of 6 Nalbinding Needles

This is a set of all 6 Nalbinding needles as you see picture.  Various hard wood is used in making them. Red birch is what is pictured bit your set might be maple or another hardwood but all 6 needles will be a matching set. 
Nalbinding is a very old yarn looping technique which has been used all over the world for  thousands of years.  You can make rope,  mittens,  socks, scarves, and even rugs.For nalbinding you need a needle and a piece of yarn, and you make new stitches by inserting the needle through the previous stitches in certain order. 
The needle used for nalbinding is typically a rather large one, flat, blunt, and with a large eye but many sizes are now used today depending on the project because they are so readily available to purchase. 
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