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Small Adjustable Height weaving bench - Walnut

Small Adjustable Height weaving bench - Walnut


This is a customer reserved listing.  A video of a bench like this one is available here:  This is the bench pictured and not the bench in the video.  This bench is made from Black Walnut only.

Your beautiful new Adjustable weaving bench is handmade using solid wood and 
I carved the front of the pocket with a celtic design .   This listing is for the bench pictured and does not come with a finish.  This bench is Black walnut and comes with both the standard seat supports and the rockers.  The seat is 8" wide x 24" long. The seat  edges are rounded over for more comfort  and this listing includes the carved saddle seat also for comfort.  
This is the small adjustable weaving bench has the following Approx. height and adjustments: 24", 21.5", 19", 16.5". and 14". The height of the small bench is 27 inches tall with a seat that is 24" long x 8" wide and has a sitting width of 18 inches between the legs.
Handywoman benches do not come with a finish.  They are sanded to 320 grit and is ready for most finishes.  You can purchase a finish for this bench in another listing.  I use Oldie's finish when putting a finish on a bench.  The bench will be sanded to 1200 grit for this finish to be applied so the bench will get three more sandings so that the finish can be applied if you purchase this option.

The Cone Holder attachment does not come with this purchase, you can find the cone holders in a seperate listing. 


Maximum weight of this  bench can hold is 220 pounds.

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