Standard Floor Loom Shuttles 9 & 12 inch

Standard Floor Loom Shuttles 9 & 12 inch

PriceFrom $28.99

Choose your size short or long.

These are handmade boat yarn shuttle and you can choose between 9" or 12" lengths these are 1.5" wide and 1.5" tall at it's thickest points and uses bobbins no more than 5 inches in length (not included).

Enter "Short" or "Long" into the text box when ordering. 

The 4" (5" actual size) Schacht Plastic bobbins are what I used when making my shuttles.

The Woolery sells them here: weight varies.

Prices are the same because ordering wood for these do not come in 10" lengths so each size takes the same size wood at the same cost to me. You can see a close up of the wood species image on my website here:

These shuttles are not my rigid heddle loom shuttles, these are for a standard floor loom or a loom with a wider shed than a rigid heddle loom generally has. You can find my rigid heddle loom shuttles in the section for rigid heddle loom shuttles. These shuttles use a magnet to hold one end of the bobbin rod down. The other end is hinged.

Because this shuttle is completely made by hand and hand sanded to achieve it's shape each shuttle will be slightly different. Wood is never thrown away because of defects, I always work around them and these defects give a quirky and charming appearance when there but does not affect it's performance.

This is a listing for the shuttle only the bobbin is not included.