Stick, Gepha, Sami, Inkle Shuttles

Stick, Gepha, Sami, Inkle Shuttles


Small flat shuttles for detailed and pickup weaving and for small looms.  The wooden version are all sanded and the edges are rounded over and the points are sanded to about 1/8" for easy pickup.  

The acrylic shuttle is not sanded and is 1/8" thick which is thin enough for pickup however some like a finer point.  Acrylic weakens when sanded so sanding can not be done to this shuttle.  

Choose from the styles pictured and descriptions below 

Shuttle #1 (1/8" Thick x 6" Long x 5/8" wide) Maple, Walnut or Zebrawood

Shuttle #2- (1/4" thick" X 8.5" Long x 7/8" wide) Cherry or Maple

Shuttle #3 - (1/8" Thick  x 8.5" Long x 5/8" wide) Cherry or Maple

Shuttle #4  Acrylic (1/8" Thick  x7" Long x 3/4" wide) Pink, Green Blue and Hot pink

Shuttle #5 - (1/4 x 12" Long x 1 1/8" wide)" Cherry, Maple and Padauk

Shuttle #6 Inkle Shuttle (1/4" x6" Long x 1.5" wide) Cherry and Maple

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