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Tapestry Pickup stick

Tapestry Pickup stick

PriceFrom $12.99

These Tapestry pick up sticks come in 3 sizes,  the large is 11 inches long x 7/8th wide the medium is 8 3/8 long inches long and 5/8ths wide and the mini is 7 inches long x 1/2 inch wide.  They are all .25 inches thick. The Mini version is great for the small and medium tapestry loom and the large or medium is good for the large and medium tapestry looms.
For now this tool will come in maple or cherry or what ever I have in stock.

Handywoman shop will be closed till the end of April so she can get some work done on her home.  All orders that are already in will be made before I stop working so rest assured you will get your order :) 

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