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Weaving Sword / Pickup Stick

Weaving Sword / Pickup Stick

PriceFrom $14.99

The weaving sword, also known as a weaving batten were used for beating the weft or woof (the transverse threads) when weaving on upright looms.  They are now used with many different types of hand looms and band looms as well as with rigid heddle loom to aid in pick up patterns.

The Handywoman sword is made from solid wood and has been sanded thin on the end and sword edges to aid the beating and pick up of threads.   It is nearly 12" long at 11.88".   Yarn can be wrapped around the handle if you wish or can be used in unison with a bobbin or shuttle.  

This item can be personalized.  You will find an engraving listing in my shop.

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